Anke Attended the 68th PCR

The 68th Annual Convention Philippine College of Radiology was held on Feb.18th -20th, 2016. Shenzhen Anke High-tech Co., Ltd. attended the Annual Convention of PCR by invitation. Medical enterprises, industry experts and medical professionals from all over the world gathered in Manila, watched and discussed the latest achievements in technology and clinical application of medical radiology field. Representatives of Anke introduced the latest achievements of medical imaging field to the visitors, and had deep communication with many medical experts and radiologists.

Anke attach great importance to the rising overseas area, for example Southeast Asia.

Adhering to the spirit of "science and technology to health care", Shenzhen Anke actively explores and cultivates those rising markets which are of great potential. By providing quality products and good service, Anke won the local customers’ trust and welcome. Philippine College of Radiology (PCR) was founded in 1948. After more than half a century development, PCR is one of the eight professional associations now, with from recognition of PMA. The 68th annual convention of PCR has strongly support from government and received extensive attention of medical industry. The exhibition has become one of the most influential radiation professional exhibitions in Southeast Asia. It is an important stage for Anke to show the latest medical equipment products and technology development.

The population of Philippines has exceeded one hundred million with an annual increase of 2.36%. The market of medical devices grows at the 5% every year. Philippines have about 800 public hospitals, 1200 private hospitals. Due to lack of funds, purchasing demands of public hospitals are restrained. While private hospitals have many demands. On the supply side, local production capacity is limited. Only 2% demands can be met. Others are relying on imported medical devices. In order to meet the Philippine needs, Anke will provide medical imaging products to Philippines users with reasonable price, excellent quality products and good service. Also Anke will seize the opportunity to develop the Philippines market.