Company Profile      The companies are incorporated under the Company Act 2063 B.S at Office of the Company Registrar, Government of Nepal.Registration:

    Emizen Group 

Company Registration Number: 11453 – 070/071

Date of incorporation July 28th 2013 (BS 13th Shrawan 2070)

Scope of works Considering the importance of time value of the money in the corporate world; recognize all potential “high-tech technology” focus needs to fulfill in trade and industry bringing latest technology evaluating strength and resource to operate new technique and knowledge of products, process and services to create new standard continuously strive in new market opportunities.

The company takes the opportunity as Authorized Agent/ distributor of multinational companies to supply, installation and commission and after-sales support of supplied goods providing a complete and comprehensive solution and facilities operate business tie-up with national and multinational companies as joint venture, representative/agent distributor through well-established network throughout the country.

Further, the company focuses on valuator, service and quality assessment, risk calculator and fund manager and management undertaking services.