ANKE ANATOM 16 CT Scanner in Dominican Republic, North American


The first ANKE multi-slices CT scanner was installed at CGYE hospital in Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic on July 15th, 2016. After being adjusted and clinical tested, the technical parameters and clinical images are very good and praised by doctors and operators.

Since the installation, we have received a lot of positive feedbacks from Mr. Restituyo, president of the hospital. As a person who is preparing to run for the Minister of Health of Dominica, Mr. Restituyo has a great influence in the local. The good performance of ANATOM 16 CT Scanner once again proves the good quality of ANKE products and establishes a good reputation of the products made in China

ANKE has sent a professional engineering team to train the users on how to operate the machine correctly. The installation of ANATOM 16 CT Scanner greatly improves the diagnosis ability of CGYE hospital. Doctors are becoming more aware of the clinical application of CT. As a result they can diagnose and treat disease earlier to save more patients and provide better health services for the people of Dominica.

ANATOM 16 CT Scanner is a practical clinical CT, with contactless slip-ring technology, a HD-detector, 60kW high pressure generator, 5MHU tube. Its shortest scan time is 0.5s /360°; image reconstruction speed is 40 frames/s; spatial resolution is 17.5lp / cm; density resolution is 3mm@0.3%. ANATOM 16 CT Scanner can be used to screen a variety of diseases; distinguish benign tumor from malignant tumor so that it can help to detect, diagnose and treat diseases early. ANKE CT scanner is a good friend of doctors and blessing of patients.

ANKE products include MRI Scanner, CT Scanner(128/64/16 Slices), mammography system, DR system, ultrasound, minimally invasive surgery series, professional imaging workstation, etc. As the pioneer in Chinese medical device industry, ANKE launched China's first MRI, spiral CT, ultrasound, PACS, fetal monitor and navigation system. ANKE ANATOM 16 CT Scanner is a practical CT scanner with a high performance verse cost ratio. Its scanning speed is very fast; radiation dose is low; and image quality is very good. The machine installed in Dominican Republic is now up for services. It brings a brand new experience to doctors and patents and will benefit people around Caribbean Sea in North American