UltraSound SSI-6000


The SSI-6000 is SonoScape’s mid-range color Doppler system that delivers the best value in full-body imaging. With superior 2D image quality and color sensitivity, the SSI-6000 leads the mid-range category with the best technologies, including Color, Power and Spectral Doppler. The SSI-6000 undertakes  and accomplishes challenging tasks and satisfies a variety of different clinical requirements.
  1. 17 inch LCD  widescreen with articulated arm.
  2. Three standard transducer ports for simultaneous connection.
  3. Intuitive control panel design.
  4.  Full patient database solution:DICOM3.0,AVI/JPG,USB ports, HDD,DVD,PDF report.
  5. Convenient trolley system: front/rear handles, four-wheel-swivel with locking brakes.
SSI-6000 is compatible with a wide range of transducers, including the broadband transducers and high density transducers. The broadband transducers utilize all frequency bands of ultrasound to achieve high resolution in the near field as well as deep penetration in the far field. Advanced technologies used in the SSI-6000 can provide you with exceptional imaging quality. Greatly improving diagnostic confidence.
Unique u-Scan Technology
This unique technology used in the SSI-6000 reduces speckle and noise artifacts while enhancing lesion border detection. It improves visualization of real tissue information and automatically adapts the acoustic velocity in different regions to improve resolution and contrast.

Multi-beam Processing
This technology can increase temporal resolution without reducing image quality.

Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Optimizes spatial and contrast resolution in grayscale imaging.
Compound Imaging Technology
Compound Imaging Technology aims at improving the contrast resolution of 2D images. Advanced software and clinical tools shortens the examination time and gives professional results.

SSI-6000 is configured with M-Tuning, one button auto-optimization for 2D and spectral Doppler imaging. Producing optimal results and achieving a more accurate diagnosis.
Trapezoidal Imaging
By using trapezoidal imaging technology, you can extend the field of view for linear transducers, thereby obtaining more clinical information for a more confident diagnosis.

Panoramic imaging
Enables a more comprehensive visualization of large-size parts/lesions.
TEI Index
A specialist, clinical tool for evaluating the diastolic and systolic function.
Freehand and Real-time 3D
Freehand 3D function used in the SSI-6000 is available on all transducers; also with optional update to Real-time 3D imaging, Continuing to provide the most in innovation. We have other optional advanced technologies for you as well.
Optional Update with Steer M Mode
Steer M Mode is a real-time M imaging with free angle adjustment, allowing for more accurate measurements. " Special edition of this model SSI-4000 is offered to India, Egypt, Mexico, South Africa particularly, please contact with SonoScape's Local distributor for more details"