UltraSound SSI-8000


Among the SonoScape SSI series, the SSI-8000 color Doppler system provides remarkable performance. This universal system can support a full range of applications, from abdominal, OB/GYN, small parts, to pediatric, and performs exceedingly well on cardiovascular application. SSI-8000  showing its outstanding value and versatility time and time again.
  1. 17 inch screen with an articulated arm
  2. Four universal transducer sockets (Compatible with a full range of probes)
  3.  Abundant connection interfaces (DICOM 3.0, USB ports, VGA, S-video, and ECG port, etc.)
  4. Colored back-lit keyboard
Premium Transducer Technology
Unique transducer technologies are perfectly combined within the SSI-8000?providing excellent daily use. The super high-density ultrasound transducers technologies achieve the uniform spatial and contrast resolution and penetration in both near and far fields. SSI-8000 is compatible with a full range of transducers, including convex, phased, linear, transvaginal, transrectal, Bi-plane, TEE, endoscopic, intraoperative, etc. The frequency of linear transducers can reach up to 16MHz, and is used in superficial diagnosis and some emerging medical applications, like emergency, anesthesia, and ICU. What’s more, the variable frequency technologies can support images with better resolution in the near field while better penetration in the far field. Wide Angle View for endocavity transducers can get a larger imaging area without moving probes and Temperature Detection technology can ensure the examination is safe for the patient.
Multi-Specialty Performance
The SSI-8000 is designed as a complete full-featured high-end system for  comprehensive advanced multi-specialty applications. From general imaging needs to special requirements in cardiology, OB/GYN, urology, MSK and anesthesiology. The system supports smooth 4D imaging with optimal volume resolution. For cardiac study, it also has TDI, Steer M Mode, and professional analysis tools like TEI Index, IMT, Automatic flow volume analysis and stress echo.
More Comfortable
Even without exceptional scanning experience,  new practitioners can achieve unmatched image quality for increased diagnostic confidence. SonoScape’s SSI-8000 understands the importance of comfort and efficiency for radiologists. With the SSI-8000’s elegant design, operators can easily achieve optimal device positioning and adjust the monitor to the most comfortable viewing location.
Cutting-edge Technology for Accuracy and Clarity
Accuracy and Clarity
SonoScape has been focusing on the most important aspects for ultrasound professionals,  imaging clarity and accuracy. The SSI-8000 delivers uncompromised contrast resolution and penetration, thanks to SonoScape’s innovative imaging technology and unique transducer technology.
High Quality Noise Filter
HQNF technology can efficiently reduce Doppler noise of the whole ultrasound system, providing improved color flow and spectral Doppler images.
Multi-beam Parallel Processing Technology
Multi-beam imaging can enhance lateral and time resolution, so that it can dramatically help the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and also lays a good foundation for real-time 3D imaging.
Stress echo cardiography
Stress echo cardiography is the combination of 2D echocardiography with a physical or pharmacological stress. It can determine how the heart muscles respond to stress and is mainly used to diagnose and evaluate coronary artery disease.
u-scan uses real-time advanced image processing algorithms to eliminate speckle and noise artifacts, enhancing tissue margins and borders by correcting discontinuity between different regions, allowing improved visualization of real tissue information.
M-Tuning is a one button image optimization technology, providing you with quick B-mode, Color-mode and Spectral Doppler image optimization by clicking one button. It can shorten examination time, ensure optimal results and a more accurate diagnosis.
Real-time 3D  (4D)
This premium technology is often used in obstetric ultrasonography, providing real time three dimensional images of the fetus. Many high-end features, such as multi-slice and clip plane, will help you make detailed and accurate analysis. SSI-8000 is designed for the purpose of being user-friendly for all users with  varying preferences.